Open. Push. Swing. Twist. Lift. Close.

We’re ideas makers. Creators of motion.  Applying our imagination to help you keep your machines moving, in everything from industrial automation to rail. Working with you, we help render your vision real. All the time keeping our eyes on swift service and smart support.

Marvellous Machines

Just imagine what else we could do for you...


Precision. Engineered.

Precision. It's the difference between engineering something good - and engineering GREAT.

As part of a commitment to creating a truly world-class company, IMI plc is bringing all of its Norgren businesses - which include Buschjost, FAS, Thompson Valves, Kloehn and IMI Webber - into a newly branded division:
IMI Precision Engineering


Engineering GREAT

Engineering GREAT is in our DNA. It runs through all of our work, every one of our businesses, and in each and every action we take. At the heart of everything we do, Engineering GREAT means combining the best and most appropriate products, technologies and expertise from across our portfolio, and using them to create something life-changing, long-lasting and world-class. We’re investing in innovation and the smartest global systems so customers get GREAT solutions and a unique service that is totally engineered around them. 



Introducing the world's leading product brands within the field of fluid and motion control technologies.