Stainless Steel Cylinders

Stainless Steel cylinders are ideal in those harsh or extreme environments including pharmaceutical and food industry where improved corrosion resistance is required helping to overcome the aggressive wash down elements. Our ranges of stainless steel actuators include stainless steel ISO roundline actuators conform to ISO 6342 and stainless steel ISO tie-rod actuators conform to ISO 15552.

Stainless Steel Roundline Cylinders

Stainless Steel version of our ISO roundline cylinders, conforming to ISO 6432, with bore sizes from 10mm to 25mm with a large selection of mountings and accessories.

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Stainless Steel Tie Rod Cylinders

Stainless Steel cylinder of tie-rod design. Available with a wide choice of variants, options, and mountings, it can be adapted to solve the most actuation challenges.

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ISO tie rod double acting stainless steel cylinder, 63mm diameter, 150mm stroke

Operation:Double acting
Standard:ISO 15552;ISO 6431;NFE 49-003-1;VDMA 24 562
Stroke length:150 mm
Port size:G3/8
Cylinder diameter:63 mm