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Cipher Surgical

For clinical staff OpClear® is the most reliable method of maintaining vision during a laparoscopic procedure – it prevents condensation forming and washes away any other particulate from the distal lens during surgery.

The marvellous machine

Keyhole surgery was a pioneering invention of the 20th century, opening up a way to perform procedures with minimal blood loss, risk, pain and scarring. At the core of it: a laparoscope, inserted through a 5-10mm cannula, and attached to a camera to relay images to the operating theatre.

The issue was, how do you keep such a tiny tool free from bodily fluids and humidity – avoiding obscuring the image and potential infection from continually removing and reinserting the device?

The marvellous solution

The ingenious idea, devised through collaboration between Cipher Surgical and IMI Precision Engineering, lay in a simple puff of CO2. An inert gas, readily absorbed by the body, medical-grade carbon dioxide was identified as the ideal way to hygienically clean the laparoscope.

Through bespoke design and rigorous testing, we created a series of circuits that would reliably deliver this CO2 and successfully clean the machine – a crucial part of what would become OpClear®. Clinically approved, OpClear® is now at work making keyhole surgery ever safer and more effective.

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