Our range of fittings include push in fittings, push on fittings, compression fittings and BSP connection fittings. Our fittings are made from a wide range of materials including - composite materials, brass, nickel plated brass and stainless steel.

Select the correct range for your particular application. Our composite bodied Pneufit C range covers most industrial applications and has a range of shapes and sizes in excess of 1000 items.

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Pneufit C Composite Fittings

Our Pneufit C composite range of push-in fittings are ideal for general pneumatic industrial applications.

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Pneufit Push-In Metal Fittings

Our Pneufit push-in fittings range are ideal for general purpose pneumatic applications, but give the advantage of mainly being nickel plated brass.

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Pneufit M Push-In Composite Fittings

Our Pneufit M composite range of push-in fittings are ideal for those applications when space is at a premium.

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Pneufit S Stainless Steel Fittings

Our Pneufit S stainless range of push-in fittings are ideally suited where you want the convenience of a push in fitting but with the added protection of stainless steel.

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Fleetfit Vehicle Push-In Fittings

Our Fleetfit vehicle push-in fittings are designed for on-board applications including brake applications.

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Push-on Fittings

Our Push on fittings range have a unique barb shape to ensure good grip even when the fitting is tightened by hand.

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Compression Fittings - External Nut

Our compression fittings are designed for those rugged and heavy duty applications including applications using solid or half hard pipe or tube.

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BSP & Hose Fittings

Our BSP & Hose fittings are nickel plated brass, ideal for those situations where your building pipe assemblies or needing additional parts to supplement your build.

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Rotating Joints

Our range of rotating joints are used where you need to make a connection into a revolving application with speeds up to 2000RPM

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