New ISOLine Actuators

By Martin Lissenburg, Product Specialist

ISOLine™ is a new series of ISO 15552 actuators that are part of our high-performance range of cylinders.

By working in partnership with our customers, ISOLine offers many improvements on our popular ISO 15552 range.

  • 32mm to 125mm bore as standard
  • Tie rod and profile versions
  • Double acting and single acting variants

What are the improvements?

The ISOLine pneumatic cylinder range is the result of extensive research and development and is set to bring real benefits to our customers.

  • Up to 15% weight reduction
  • Lower breakaway pressure
  • Reduced minimum speed
  • Additional switch mounting slots
  • Modern look and easier to clean
… and a new Adaptive Cushioning System

A significant new development is an Adaptive Cushioning System (ACS). ACS continually adjusts for changing loads, giving longer machine life and making for a fit and forget system to simplify installation. ISOLine retains the ISO 15552 footprint.

Where can the new ISOLine™ TM range be used?

The product was developed with 1000's of hours of testing. ISOLine is suitable for continuous applications, such as conveyor systems; very low temperature (down to 40° C) and high temperature (up to 150° C); heavy industry, for example, mining or quarrying; clean production environments and corrosive environments, such as oil rigs. It is suitable for any application.

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