Tubing & Hoses

Good, reliable tubing manufactured to published quality standards should always be used when piping systems. Tubing channels and clips or other retaining methods should be used to maintain successful operation. Norgren tubing conforms to international standards including DIN 74324 for use on braking systems on commercial vehicles (nylon only). We also offer more specialised hose assemblies and specific use tubing.

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Nylon Tubing

Our range of Nylon tubing is suitable in both general industrial applications and commercial vehicle braking systems where applicable.

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Polyurethane Tubing

Our range of Polyurethane tubing offers improved flexibility in those restricted or confined areas.

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Pneuflex Tubing

Our range of Pneuflex tube assemblies are suited to connect movable components, such as blow gun installations.

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Weld Tubing

Our range of Weld Tubing offers increased resistance in welding environments whilst retaining the use of standard push-in fittings

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Tube Cutters

Push-in fittings require tubing to be cut cleanly and accurately. Our tube cutter is the ideal way of achieving this.

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Tubing Channels & Clips

In order to complete a neat and effective leak free solution, our tubing channel and clip range offers the answer.

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Nylon tubing

Standard:DIN 74324
O/D Tube:10 mm
Length:25 m