Sitting off the coast of Malaysia, Shell’s deepwater Gumusut-Kakap field is a marvel of engineering – and one of the key suppliers to this site, Willmax systems integrators, was tasked with keeping it operating safely, reliably and efficiently, with minimal maintenance.

The marvellous machine

Willmax turned to IMI Precision Engineering to help it deliver on a number of fronts: achieving process safety, reliability and installation simplicity, preventing unscheduled interruptions, and satisfying Safety Integrity Levels.

The marvellous solution

Our team looked at the challenge, and recommended the Redundant Valve Manifold (RVM) system – which incorporates a high-integrity, reliable pneumatic solenoid valve.

Improving integrity through redundancy in the event of valve failure, the RVM system also increased time intervals between plant turnarounds and delivered an array of circuit functions without the need for pipework. Robust and space-saving, it gave Willmax’s designs simplicity, flexibility and efficiency, and – crucially – kept Shell’s marvellous machinery moving.

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