Finger Integration Services

World-class press automation requires the integration of die and tooling designs from the earliest stages of part development.

Our applications group designs, builds and installs highly productive tooling packages that increase press throughput, reduce setup time or downtime and improve ergonomics and safety.

From Tri-axis to Tandem, Cross bar and Hot Metal Press, our engineering team can optimize productivity and create new capacity in your Press Room.

Finger Concept Review

Our finger concept review is an initial concept analysis of the ability of grippers and vacuum cups to transfer a panel across the press. This concept strictly proves panel transferability before advancing to the design of modular tooling.

Finger Integration Package

Our finger integration package is a study at the start of the die design that identifies interference areas and part flow issues related to gripper and cup positions. The package provides process flow, panel position, rail position and press/transfer specifications.

Finger Integration Report

Finger integration review adds tooling and motion curves to create a design envelope for the die supplier. We evaluate the finger integration package by verifying that the selected motion curves fall within press parameters and stamper specifications.

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