Grippers & Shovels

Small and mighty, these grippers are compact in size but have the best holding force in their class. And did we say fast? Besides taking just 0.2s to open and close, the jaw openings are adjustable so they can be reconfigured quickly with just one hex key. How about long-lived? The steel chassis handles up to 5 million cycles. And grippers designed specifically for hot metal actually stand up to hot metal.

Flexibility is also key – depending on your part and your die space, we have the right option for however you want to pick up the panel.


PGS Grippers

The PGS range of grippers delivers class-leading grip force and actuation time. They feature a hardened steel chassis that ensures durability and long service life. Highly configurable using a 4mm hex wrench, the PGS grippers can also be configured with a part present or double blank sensor.

PGS Hot Metal Grippers

PGS hot metal grippers operate in temperatures of up to 1652°F (900°C), with rear mounted pneumatics and specially tempered gripper pads to ensure longer service life and maximum performance.

GC3 & GC4 Clamps

GC3 and GC4 clamps are suitable for body and assembly applications. The closed body of GC grippers ensure protection from weld sparks, and extends gripper life.


Shovels are designed for picking up panels with a geometry that makes using a gripper impractical. These shovels have four locations for part-present sensors, giving you greater flexibility.

PGS Gripper Families


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