Specifically designed for sheet metal fabrication, IMI Norgren sensors use a unique radial detection field to deliver the industry’s most sensitive sensors, the widest detection range and the sturdiest construction.


Double Blank Analyzer (DBA) System

The double bank analyzer (DBA) system protects dies and stamping machinery by detecting multiple blanks during the load sequence. Pass-through and contact-style sensors available, with multi-channel controller that has DeviceNet functionality.

Nut/Thread Sensors

Nut/thread detectors provide early detection of missing nuts or threads. Using inductive proximity detection technology, they can sense the presence of a welded nut through a blank in sheet metal parts.



Stud/Thread Sensors

Stud/thread sensors are engineered to detect the quality of threads so that you'll never again send a welded piece through to assembly with a faulty stud.






Nut Thread Sensors in Action


Filbert's Adventures - Nut Thread Detector



Nut Sensor Application Video



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