Cadent Syringe Pump

Cadent 3 Syringe Pump

The IMI Norgren Cadent 3 Syringe Pump is a highly flexible fluid dispense pump with exceptional volume dispense accuracy and precision. This 3cm stroke length unit is compact, reliable and has unique diagnostic capabilities.

The Cadent 3 comes in three mechanical resolutions – 6K, 12K or 24K – and can be purchased with or without electronics depending on your application requirements. The pump may also be operated as a standalone device.

The Cadent 3 is fully compatible with our 3cm syringes and valves and so can be paired with a solenoid valve or with a rotary valve of up to 12 ports to create multiple flow paths. A choice of syringes between 50µl and 5ml complete your unit, giving you full control in achieving your desired dispense volume or flow rate.

The Cadent 3 pump has several unique features that make it the best choice for precise fluidic movement in life science instrumentation:

  • Industry leading low flow stability down to 1µl/min with a 1ml syringe
  • Adjustable flow rates between 0.008µl and 500ml/min
  • Extended speed range: 1/16 half-step/sec to 100,000 half-step/sec
  • Sustained precision and accuracy over lifetime
  • Programmable troubleshooting via smart diagnostics
  • UL/CE/CSA certified

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Level 1

Simplicity at its best; a syringe drive designed for high precision and accuracy in any system.

Level 2

Choose from our extensive selection of valves and syringes for optimal performance.

Level 3

For a complete system, opt for the revolutionary electronics package; unmatched in performance and intelligence.

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