Pump Syringes

Pump Syringes

Our pump syringes are manufactured with borosilicate glass as standard, and designed with gas and liquid tight seals offering optimized performance and long life.

With our proprietary process, we control the barrel bore to the strictest tolerances guaranteeing volume dispense accuracy. Syringes are available in volumes from 50µl to 5ml on a 3cm stroke, 10µl to 50ml on a 6cm stroke and 25µl to 5ml for use on multi-channel syringe pumps. All syringes are offered with either standard (flat) or Zero Dead Volume (ZDV) tips.

  • Repeatable, reliable and accurate dosing
  • Smooth surface finish for improved dispense accuracy
  • Zero dead volume (ZDV) tip option to eliminate any carryover
  • Choice of wetted materials for compatibility with various chemicals
  • Customizations available upon request
Syringe Customization
  • Barrel material – Glass, acrylic, ceramic, PEEK, stainless steel
  • Plunger rod and tip material – PTFE, UHMW, PEEK, stainless steel
  • Syringe length and volume
  • Plunger button geometry
  • Surface coating

Zero dead volume tip

Zero dead volume syringe design offers zero carryover and the ability to purge any internal bubbles. This will allow you to maintain a higher level of purity between media, improving results and conserving costly reagents otherwise wasted in dead volume spaces.


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