Switches & Sensors

We have a comprehensive range of sensors providing a number of different options for sensing pressure, fluid levels and threads. Pressure switches can be used to automatically monitor pressure levels in pneumatic systems, or be used for more complex monitoring functions in air, water, hydraulic or any neutral fluid applications.

Electro-Mechanical Pressure Switches

Our electro-mechanical pressure switches provide a simple but effective device for use in air, water and hydraulic applications.

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Electronic Pressure Switches

Electronic pressure switches contain few moving parts, and generally include offline programming.

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Fluid Level Sensors

Our fluid level sensors offer various compact styles which are ideal for food and beverage applications.

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Stud/Thread Sensors

The use of inductive proximity detection technology senses the presence of a welded stud. And will also distinguish good vs. bad threads.

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Nut/Thread Sensors

Nut and thread detection systems will detect missing nuts at the weld station and verify thread presence or quality.

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